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false-self, meet real-self

In 2005 I moved to Commercial Drive. I moved here specifically to start a church. I moved to “The Drive” specifically because of what I had heard and what I had seen in my visits to this neighbourhood. The people … Continue reading

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transitioning members to friends

I live in Vancouver. It’s a beautiful city. I used to be a pastor in this city. I was the pastor of a church I started in a city in which I really knew no one before moving here. This … Continue reading

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steam shovels and re-inventing yourself

I read a book most nights with my son before bed called Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. The book is about a man and his steam shovel named Mary Anne who are losing work due to the new gasoline … Continue reading

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revisiting the blog, the life, the spiritual, the should, the shouldn’t and whatever else that comes to mind

To say it had been a while since I had last written on this blog is to be generous. I had become so tired of reading, writing or even thinking about the topics normally reserved for this blog (spirituality, church[planting], … Continue reading

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Sabbatical: back at it?

I suppose I alluded to it in my pervious post, but I am going to take things a little slower this time around (I actually don’t even like referring to it as “this time around” suggesting that this is a … Continue reading

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Trying to find a new identity

I watched a short video from CTV on Canada and our national identity in light of the current olympics in Vancouver and something hit a chord with me. Maybe living here in Vancouver is the reason for its connection, but … Continue reading

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Slam poet Shane Koyczan

This was my highlight of the olympic opening ceremonies. I have really enjoyed slam poetry since moving to the drive area in 2005. And this was brilliant.

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Look what’s happening at the open house!

Taken from our churches website: Hey everyone, We are going to do things a little differently this week and instead of our normal program, we are going to host a little BBQ and potluck at the little nest for friends … Continue reading

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Powerful little church we have here…

I wanted to pass on a post my wife Anna posted to our churches email list this weekend after our church met at the salvation army due to little nest being occupied. I was really encouraged by it and I … Continue reading

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it was always going to end up like this…

Writing has lost me these days. Nothing to say. Exhausted. Recently our church realized something. If we are going to continue operating (budget-wise), we need tithes to increase to $4000 a month from where they are currently as of January … Continue reading

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