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Sabbatical: back at it?

I suppose I alluded to it in my pervious post, but I am going to take things a little slower this time around (I actually don’t even like referring to it as “this time around” suggesting that this is a … Continue reading

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Sabbatical: a quick word

As of yesterday (November 1, 2010) my sabbatical officially came to a close from the open house. Most of you know that my sabbatical was a little different than most religious sabbaticals in that I kept working full-time in my … Continue reading

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Trying to find a new identity

I watched a short video from CTV on Canada and our national identity in light of the current olympics in Vancouver and something hit a chord with me. Maybe living here in Vancouver is the reason for its connection, but … Continue reading

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Nick Fiedler on theooze.tv

Here is a good interview of Nick Fiedler author of the hopeful skeptic (which I am currently reading and which I may or may not have been mentioned about on pages 135-136 and in fact in this clip, I realize … Continue reading

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Bounce… not for everyone

Anna and I were watching some TV last week when a commercial came on for Bounce Fabric Softener. It was one of those commercials where the woman of the house (all in cartoon of course) was looking for that last … Continue reading

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Look what’s happening at the open house!

Taken from our churches website: Hey everyone, We are going to do things a little differently this week and instead of our normal program, we are going to host a little BBQ and potluck at the little nest for friends … Continue reading

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Book 34/48 – The Orthodox Heretic by Peter Rollins

After reading “How (not) to speak of God” I really wanted to dive into more of Rollins works and so I quickly grabbed this gem (thanks to my amazon wishlist from my mother in law) and I was not disappointed. … Continue reading

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Observe and Report

I was wondering when a church became a “Church” and no longer a “church plant?” I think I now know. Okay maybe I don’t but I have some good practical evidence to prove that I am on to something. That … Continue reading

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Powerful little church we have here…

I wanted to pass on a post my wife Anna posted to our churches email list this weekend after our church met at the salvation army due to little nest being occupied. I was really encouraged by it and I … Continue reading

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it was always going to end up like this…

Writing has lost me these days. Nothing to say. Exhausted. Recently our church realized something. If we are going to continue operating (budget-wise), we need tithes to increase to $4000 a month from where they are currently as of January … Continue reading

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