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Sabbatical: a direction…how about none

I think “ ‘x’ marks the spot” is a good metaphor for my direction right now. Always needing to move toward something… generally something measurable… gets tiring and frustrating. And right now I am happy to stand still, because I … Continue reading

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Sabbatical: back at it?

I suppose I alluded to it in my pervious post, but I am going to take things a little slower this time around (I actually don’t even like referring to it as “this time around” suggesting that this is a … Continue reading

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Sabbatical: an additional word

To those following me, I might just keep with the “Sabbatical” theme as I post over the next few weeks, so bare with me as I unload all the wonderful insights I gleaned over my 6 months off. (Tongue firmly … Continue reading

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Sabbatical: a quick word

As of yesterday (November 1, 2010) my sabbatical officially came to a close from the open house. Most of you know that my sabbatical was a little different than most religious sabbaticals in that I kept working full-time in my … Continue reading

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