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Book 36/48 – The Naked Now by Richard Rohr

Once again Richard Rohr reached down deep into my soul, grabbed my ego and gently crushed it in front of my eyes. Okay, I am sure Father Rohr, would use language like that to describe the work going on to … Continue reading

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Am I prioritizing my mind over prayer? [Guest Post by Anna Martin]

Here are some great thoughts by my wife Anna. Enjoy and share your thoughts. ———– The contemplative mind is really just the mind that emerges when you pray instead of think first. Praying opens the field and moves beyond fear … Continue reading

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Book 24/48 – Hope Against Darkness by Richard Rohr

I am sleep deprived and not reading as much lately. I have nothing to say other than I really enjoyed this book. Not as much as the others I have read by Rohr (there are 2 more in the past … Continue reading

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“Our age has been called the age of anxiety, and I think it’s probably a good description for this time. We no longer know where our foundations are. When we’re not sure what is certain, when the world and our … Continue reading

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Book 9/48: Simplicity by Richard Rohr

I have managed to down another Richard Rohr book, and Simplicity is another winner. He again builds upon many of the thoughts from “everything belongs” and challenges me over and over to get myself out of the way so that … Continue reading

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Book 6/48: Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr

Everything Belongs has now moved to my top 5 books for church planters should read. the first time I heard Richard was at Soularize. And if my thoughts are too brief, please check out jordon’s. I rate this book on … Continue reading

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