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To say it had been a while since I had last written on this blog is to be generous. I had become so tired of reading, writing or even thinking about the topics normally reserved for this blog (spirituality, church[planting], … Continue reading

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Book 38/48 – Love Wins by Rob Bell

I decided to get back into the spiritual reading world again after a hiatus from those “types” of books. When I first picked up this book it was in the shadow of quite a bit of controversy in the twitter … Continue reading

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For every kiss your beauty trumped my doubt

I’m finding that some of my best moments of writing have come while listening to Mumford and Sons. And with the way that this band has taken off I am sure I am not the only one. But there was … Continue reading

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Sleepless theology: Late night bible interpretations by Kyle Martin

Just got back from Hockey and it’s 2am. This post is almost like Drunk History, except i’m not drunk, just overly tired. Here are a couple comments from a person who is tired and reading the bible a little differently … Continue reading

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Sabbatical: a direction…how about none

I think “ ‘x’ marks the spot” is a good metaphor for my direction right now. Always needing to move toward something… generally something measurable… gets tiring and frustrating. And right now I am happy to stand still, because I … Continue reading

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Sabbatical: an additional word

To those following me, I might just keep with the “Sabbatical” theme as I post over the next few weeks, so bare with me as I unload all the wonderful insights I gleaned over my 6 months off. (Tongue firmly … Continue reading

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What do you really want?

This is a question that I am currently pondering and hopefully answering a little each day. You see in days prior to my “Christianity,” I asked this question a lot. Mostly in a selfish way, specifically in the way I … Continue reading

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Slam poet Shane Koyczan

This was my highlight of the olympic opening ceremonies. I have really enjoyed slam poetry since moving to the drive area in 2005. And this was brilliant.

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Nick Fiedler on

Here is a good interview of Nick Fiedler author of the hopeful skeptic (which I am currently reading and which I may or may not have been mentioned about on pages 135-136 and in fact in this clip, I realize … Continue reading

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Observe and Report

I was wondering when a church became a “Church” and no longer a “church plant?” I think I now know. Okay maybe I don’t but I have some good practical evidence to prove that I am on to something. That … Continue reading

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