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Seinfeld Trailer – “George” RE-CUT

Brilliant fake trailer! Well worth watching.

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“Sunday’s coming” mock church movie trailer

“Sunday’s Coming” Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo. I am not sure if I find this funny because I used to help make this type of service happen or because I realize how seriously so many of us … Continue reading

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Yes, I know this guy

I definitely looking forward to connecting with Jake when I get back to Ontario in May.

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SNL a Digital short: People getting punched before eating

Not sure why I find this so funny! I think it is because it brings back memories of videos I used to create with Adam and Luke.

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NT Wright on The Colbert Report

You might find it hard to follow, but I think NT did a great job with Colbert being well….Colbert.

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Colbert Steals HNIC theme song

thanks for the heads up James

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What I do at 1am in the morning.

my m&m character thanks Nick

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hey mark, this wink’s for you

Having listened online to Mark go off at a recent conference (thanks bob), i am following suit of Josh and Adam, motivated by Doug and letting Mark know that this wink is for you. I’m thinking that there is somewhere … Continue reading

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slam ottawa song: Parody on Adam Sandler Hanukkah song

Let’s go buffalo… love it… Thanks WGR 550

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mother nature’s teeter totter

This is a hilarious video that Luke and I shot of Jake, Matt and Adam on a teeter totter we created out of drift wood this past summer in Telegraph Cove BC.

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