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A church experience may be in our future

So it looks like the Martin clan is going to go to church today. I am not sure really what to expect except that it is set up physically like the open house was. It’s a brunch at a persons … Continue reading

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Did you just say circumcision?

So last night I decided to scrap my road trip dinner routine and get a quick dinner and go to a downtown Starbucks in Saskatoon to write and work a little. (I usually go to a sports bar and watch … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Saskatoon

The plan was to move to Victoria in order for me to not be away from the family as often. Well tonight I find myself in Saskatoon (been here since Sunday night), wondering what happened. And over the next 6 … Continue reading

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Something’s going on

It’s been about a month now that we have been in our new(est) place in Victoria and it’s been a challenge. I think what I did not foresee was how much we would miss our friends. We have been lucky … Continue reading

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Slow blogging, fast tumblr

Hey friends, I have been writing (a little) and posting photos on my tumblr blog, until I decide how to utilize my motion sickness blog again. Follow me on Tumblr or on twitter @urbanplanter I will write more lengthy posts … Continue reading

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Book 40 & 41 of I am going to do this until I’ve read my 48 books

I read both these books last week. Loved Rollins work, and I always do. Brilliant stuff. Incredible thoughts about God as a Machine. Ask me about it sometime. Pagitt, well let’s just say his writings were for a different time … Continue reading

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my cup is half full

Yesterday I spent the morning with the boys, while Anna took some time off to write. For 4 hours we wrestled, made breakfast, built a tower with lego (also called a volcano), threw toys at each other, carved a pumpkin, … Continue reading

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Am I deceived or is this it?

I sometimes wonder if I deceive myself. I have some good goals for my professional life, but I currently do not have the motivation to do them. And I wonder (philosophical question here) if I really do not own these … Continue reading

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You can’t honestly know that

I have been thinking a lot lately about what you can really know, and what you think you can know. A good example of this is the Present and Future. You can know what you are doing, feeling, seeing at … Continue reading

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the false self is a hoarder

Anna has been spending a good amount of time purging our house and garage. In fact she has been purging regularly for years now. The truth that keeps her going is that any thing we are holding on to because … Continue reading

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