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Millones Cajones

Just finished this great novel by Rob Bell. Found so many similarities to my own life… especially my transition from church work to “other.” Download your free copy here.

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The idolatry of god by Peter Rollins – 43 of 48

Finished this a while back. Great book. I need to read it again. So much in there. I want to give you more but I can not. Love the idea of how religion, institutions are in fact the idolatry. But … Continue reading

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Powerful podcast: This American Life – Heretics

Found myself really blessed by this podcast today while I worked out at a gym in good Ol’ Smithers, BC. If you haven’t listened to This American Life before I highly recommended it. From the website: The story of Reverend … Continue reading

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A Better Atonement by Tony Jones – Book 42 of 48

I recently finished a kindle only book by Tony Jones called A Better Atonement and for myself it was timely in my recent journey back into the world of theology. If there is anything that I have wrestled with over … Continue reading

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Family adventures with salmon, trees and mighty machines

It seems that going back to church is a little more of a challenge than first thought, which makes me wonder about the whole Sunday gathering, once a week deal. I realize that I once was involved in organizing such … Continue reading

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I saw the sign

Over the past few years I have learned a lot about “signs.” I don’t mean signs like the world is coming to an end, but the astrology ones. The ones I was taught in church that were to be avoided … Continue reading

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Waiting patiently to destroy or to not destroy

I did not come to destroy but to be a responsible version of myself. I may not have said those exact words but that was the sentiment that I was trying to get across to a church planter I met … Continue reading

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Don’t force it

One of my best friends went through a phase where he decided to (try to) remove all expectations from all experiences. His premise: if I have low expectations (or no expectations), then every experience I have will “exceed” my expectations. … Continue reading

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Is that you or me God?

As I attempt to re-engage with the institutional church, I sometimes wonder how I missed some of things I now see. And I am not sure if I will ever be able to go back to just accepting things they … Continue reading

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The Martin’s went back to church (once anyway)

So we did it. We went back to church. It was nice. Lots of friendly people. Lots of kids. Brunch. Sunday morning. No preaching, but some discussion (of which I missed a lot of it due to our kids running … Continue reading

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