Family adventures with salmon, trees and mighty machines

It seems that going back to church is a little more of a challenge than first thought, which makes me wonder about the whole Sunday gathering, once a week deal. I realize that I once was involved in organizing such weekly events, whether they were on Sunday or not, but I think what kept me going in Vancouver was the ongoing almost daily encounters with the friends that made up that church. I am starting to wonder whether I am ready to push out into a large group at this time. In fact the past 3 weekends, Anna, the boys and I have been venturing out into nature and I think I felt closer to God in this way for the first time in my life.

After spending back to back weekends at Goldstream watching the Salmon run, we drove up Saturday to the site of the future Kinloch Cabin at Lake Shawnigan to show the boys the large machines and grab some stuff of our own from the garage. The boys played in the rain with their toy trucks around the large parked real mighty machines and it was quite a beautiful scene. Then Sunday we went to a friends place in North Saanich and then spent the rest of the day having a nice lunch and exploring the Sidney Aquarium.

I am enjoying the weekends out with my family and I am finding it quite restful and powerful in many ways. It has been a bit of a struggle making the change to Victoria, mainly due to missing our friends a great deal, but it is quite amazing how much more we are getting out into nature than we did previously. It is this encounter with nature that is stimulating a God sense that I never really explored before and it is quite nice.

Maybe the larger group is not what is going to move me along this God-journey, but the power of nature and some encounters with close friends.

For now I am going to keep exploring the nature around us and keep my ears and eyes open to some powerful encounters.

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  1. Hi Kyle, We are so blessed to live in a place where the glory of Creation is so apparent and easy to access! I have found my morning walk and evening walk through Pacific Spirit Park here at UBC to be God’s invitation into His presence in my whole day. Sometimes I catch myself and realize that I have just walked hundreds of steps conscious of only my next step and the goal ahead of me. When that happens I look up, out and into the forest, noticing the details that escaped me. The conviction that the connectedness and order of the forest matters to God permeates my life. They display His glory and I pray that the glory of Jesus would be evident in my own life even as I remain connected to Him and to His people.

    There is not much that is more enjoyable than the simple pleasure of trooping through the forest with my family! A few years ago one of my kids was asked what was true about our family. She replied, “Well, we are nature people. If you are going to be a part of our family, you are going to have to be in nature.” I wish it was true more often. Thanks for your post.



  2. Mike Todd says:

    Sounds good to me, bro.

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