I saw the sign

Over the past few years I have learned a lot about “signs.” I don’t mean signs like the world is coming to an end, but the astrology ones. The ones I was taught in church that were to be avoided and that generally were made fun of by the church.

I don’t want to comment too much on whether they are accurate or not, but something I have come to realize (and if you are one who knows this stuff well let me know if I am missing something), is that in Christianity you are taught generally that you are born a certain way (into a sinful world with the desire to sin), you can transform this desire into a more positive desire and become a totally different person so to speak. Whereas, with astrology it seems that you are born a certain way (birth sign, rising signs, sun signs, etc) and the idea is to adjust your life to these characteristics because they can never be changed.

I really struggle with that.

It feels hopeless.

I have found astrology helpful in the same way I have found birth order study helpful. It gives me an understanding of myself, where I have come from and what my tendencies are. You may find hope in that if you work at your strengths you can really excel in a certain way, but you will always have these weaknesses.

I am not naive to believe that I can get rid of all my weaknesses by being better Christian. But I like to believe that I won’t be always fighting these demons (weaknesses) or that they can’t be avoided.

They can become self fulfilling prophecies.

Jesus came so that we can be transformed from the false self (ego) into the true self (real) and to me that brings real hope. I’d really like to know how astrology understands individual transformation and whether that can really happen.

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