Did you just say circumcision?

So last night I decided to scrap my road trip dinner routine and get a quick dinner and go to a downtown Starbucks in Saskatoon to write and work a little. (I usually go to a sports bar and watch whatever game is on). I spent quite a while there, but near the end of the night a couple girls from the University of Saskatchewan came in and sat on the lounge chairs behind me. They were cute girls, wearing their teams colours in sweat pants and whatever else university students wear these days. (for the record I never wore sweat pants in University).

What surprised me next was what they began to talk about. Personally I had been enjoying listening to the Reckoners, while updating my iPhone to iOS6 and writing on this blog, but they weren’t sure if the seats behind me were taken so they asked me if they were available. This caused me to take my ear buds out and actually listen to the bustling sounds around me.

Now there was nothing said that was shocking, but what surprised me is the way these girls talked about Christianity. They were hard core conservatives and I can’t say I expected to hear it from them. To be really honest, they sounded like me in University. Really Zealous and not afraid of using all the big words, no matter who was listening. Being over 10 years since I was in University I had to laugh a little when the words circumcision came tumbling out. I’m sure everyone in the Starbucks (not wearing headphones) could hear them talk about transcendence, righteousness, purification, sanctification and my favourite, circumcision, but these girls weren’t really aware of anyone else.

I am not going to write about what I agreed or disagreed with, I mean that wouldn’t be fair since I didn’t engage them in conversation (to be honest the conversation was so much about religious terms and 1-upping each other theologically I didn’t see the point). I just want to say how interesting it was to hear myself, sort of, and to take some time to reflect on where I have come from. I feel like God is making himself known, and has been here all along, but I wasn’t ready to engage Him. To listen to these girls, lit a small fire in me. It made me realize what I still know about God (even the book stuff) and how it hasn’t left me. Maybe I will hear some people engage in a conversation in the future and feel like entering in, but for now (however bizarre the conversation sounded) I will enjoy listening and reflecting.

I did have one more thought as I was walking home. Anna and I have spoken at length about our University life and our choices (such as getting married 8 months after we graduated) and I realized that University age is still quite young. It is what it is, to use a popular phase. There can be no regrets or do overs or even celebration of choices you made. We make choices, we exist, and we live with them. In essence our life now is really a reflection of who we were and who we’ve become. For me to look back at my use of circumcision when I was in school and criticize it is an exercise in futility. But I do wonder, if University Christian kids can get that passionate about understanding theology at 20 years old, I wonder what passions those who are not Christians have (I think I failed to notice). I used to think they didn’t have any (oh my 20’s!) but now I am actually curious to know. I think its probably some fantastic stuff. I can say this freely knowing the God who creates and blesses all His children.


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