the false self is a hoarder

Anna has been spending a good amount of time purging our house and garage. In fact she has been purging regularly for years now. The truth that keeps her going is that any thing we are holding on to because we “think” we are going to “wear it,” “do it” or “get to it” is likely false, and if it becomes true we can always buy it or get it again later. It is not worth holding on to just to see if you true-self makes the decision to honour your false selfs ideals. Does that make sense?

I am starting to see how hoarding is a great example of living in the false-self. It is generally the case that people who hoard believe that they will have some need for the stuff that they hold onto. Of course then it ramps up from there.

For myself I am trying to adopt this true-behaviour from Anna. Am I going to use it now or do I use it/ wear it/ need it regularly. Otherwise my false-self is living in my garage, and I do not have time and space for things I am never going to do.

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