Book 36/48 – The Naked Now by Richard Rohr

naked now Once again Richard Rohr reached down deep into my soul, grabbed my ego and gently crushed it in front of my eyes. Okay, I am sure Father Rohr, would use language like that to describe the work going on to my false-self or ego, but the truth is I continue to read and say YES to everything he writes.

Some of you may or may not know but I am on a 6-month sabbatical from the open house and it began with a retreat called the Men’s Rite of Passage in Arizona that I recently returned from last week. This is a Richard Rohr inspired retreat that takes much of what is taught in theory here in this book, and practices it here. It has helped me become more present in many ways of life.

To move back toward the book, all I can say is that Richard Rohr does an amazing way of described what it means to be a non-dual thinking and how that might be practiced. It is basically the life lived in tension, being comfortable with ambiguity, without becoming laissez faire about truth seeking. It also opens the mind to see truth in places you may not have looked previously.

But what I think I gleaned most from this book was Richard Rohr’s way of getting my attention and pushing me to wake up in this life. It doesn’t mean something superficial or consumeristic but instead to be present in this life, and not to allow the emotional noise of this world to keep us from really seeing and taking all opportunities that come our way.

It’s at this point you might ask me if I have gone crazy; because there is so much more to this… incredible

This book was awesome. 4.5/5 on CP scale. Give it a read… slowly. And reflect.

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