Book 34/48 – The Orthodox Heretic by Peter Rollins

orthodox heretic After reading “How (not) to speak of God” I really wanted to dive into more of Rollins works and so I quickly grabbed this gem (thanks to my amazon wishlist from my mother in law) and I was not disappointed. This book is a collection of parables that Peter Rollins has written over the years and used with his ikon community that truly stretch your comfortable concepts of God and the church and the bible.

Rollins uses familiar bible stories in some cases and the twists the endings to bring about a point or something for us to think about, and still in other parables he makes up a fictional world describing a well known moral lesson that we might know from the bible or church and then spinning it on its head as well. Each parable made me think deeply and I am even going to gift this book to a number of friends as I think it really has helped me along in my own journey and could be very helpful with anyone else. I even used one of the parables in a recent church service we put on at the open house.

I am not sure if I would do the review justice by telling you some specific examples, but I will say that for those church planters out there that want to have their view of God stretched and encouraged, and also have a way to bridge some of the culture gaps of today’s society, I highly recommend this as a helpful text that will encourage conversation amongst all types and backgrounds of people. I give this book a 4.5/5 for my unqualified CP ranking.

This book has inspired me to work through some of my own parables that I have written but never completed and possibly using them in the future. Maybe even posting them here. We shall see…

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