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Just recently I decided to share my role with the open house with my friend Deric. It has been 3 official days and it is already the best decision I could have made. We are sharing the role as leaders of the open house and although I am still the recipient of “info @” I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. Not only do I feel more free in my role, but Deric is already exceeding my expectations!

I have been working at this alone for a while now, and I am keen that you should never do things alone. I thought that I wasn’t alone (I did have a leadership team and a network), but I didn’t have someone to bounce off ideas, share tasks and simply hang out with. For all of you who are seeking to plant a church or to start anything, I say this emphatically… put a teammate on the top of your list and I encourage that teammate to be a friend.

So the open house now has 2 staff members (both at 25% time) and I am already seeing positive repercussions. I don’t believe that a church should be lead (staff wise) by just one person, as there is so much to see that one person will miss. (Thanks Deric for pointing out things yesterday). I tried to do it alone but I was burning out and was on the verge of organizational and personal failure, but now I am alive again. Be willing to give up your sole possession of leadership for a more balanced approach… but be really considerate of who that person is.

I am reading through John as our church is going to be teaching through the book for the next (ahem) year, and I came across this great passage in John 11. Jesus is going to go back to Judea because his friend Lazarus is dead and his disciples are reminding Jesus that the Jews are trying to kill him there, but out of love Jesus says he must still go.

‘Then Thomas (called Didymus) said to the rest of the disciples, “Let us also go, that we may die with him.”‘

That is someone I want on my team.

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2 Responses to thoughts on teammates

  1. don says:

    Great. good to hear Kyle.

  2. nick says:

    For sure, man, ministry partners rock. I have a lot more fun at the U with Jef around than I would on my own. Sharing the workload is great, but more important than that is having someone to come up with ideas and make decisions with. They end up better, and I feel a lot better about them, knowing that someone else doesn’t think what I’ve decided is crazy stupid. Always wanted that more than I got it when I was church planting. Glad you’ve got some help.

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