Peter Rollins: Explaining Emergent Churches

Here is a really good talk from Peter Rollins on the emergent church. I find that I really connect with what he is saying here.

And for those of you who scan my ramblings here, or hang out with us at the open house, Jem and I are going to be reading and discussing Rollins book How (Not) to Speak of God – Marks of the Emerging Church starting in September. It will be open to everyone.

More to come on that. Enjoy.

Explaining Emergent Churches – Inner Compass from Calvin College on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Peter Rollins: Explaining Emergent Churches

  1. Alastair says:

    That made my brain hurt, in a good way.

  2. Jess says:

    Hey, I see this blog entry is pretty old. But I love Pete Rollins and I’m new to Vancouver and was wondering if you had any recommendations about where to find people to connect with who also are engaged somewhat with the emerging church.

  3. Kyle says:

    Hi Jesse, there was a day when our little church (formerly called the open house) would be a good group to engage this type of conversation, however we are scattered now and painfully I have no idea who you could connect with and I live in Victoria. There are a lot of groups who say they like to engage Peter Rollins, but like in so many of his writings, they are people who want to engage the darkness, knowing that God has left a night light on, if that makes sense. Partial doubt, partial engagement.

    Keep looking though and I will keep an ear to the ground. If you do find something let me know!

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