One size fits all?

one size fits all?A while back Joe and Jeremy who were the main producers on this documentary (at least when they were in BC), came and visited us at the open house in Vancouver, BC. They spent some time interviewing Kristin and I who started this church, and low and behold we made it into the documentary. I literally have 15 seconds of fame at the very beginning so don’t blink, but Cato had a good chunk of time later on and has a a web short included as well on the website.

At the end of the day I love what they did. The video was well done for the limited resources they have and I was able to hear more about the other churches in Canada who were attempting to do something fresh and new in cooperation with God concerning the church.

Thanks to Jordon who reminded me to post on this and let me recommend that you get a copy and watch it with your community. It’s very helpful for those of you looking for some insight on the movement of the church in Canada.

A list of showings in Ontario are here.

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  1. James McCann says:

    Thanks for posting this. The whole website is very inspirational, and the videos are topical and well made.

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