Book 14/48: Ghosts by Adrian Plass

ghosts I am not going to rate this book (although i did on amazon), because it was basically a book I needed to read to feel alive and not one to judge on whether its worthy of my wonderful rating. Thanks to Randy for sharing it, and for Adrian for writing it.

This is the story of long lost youth group friends reuniting for a retreat of sorts where they share their current and greatest fears. The book never resolved all of the fears of the characters (as one might suppose a Christian fiction might do), but instead it challenged the reader and myself to ask the question of what makes you feel alive. I haven’t felt alive like i know i have felt and many of the issues the characters were going through are issues I am going through now. That fact alone really helped me swiftly read through this book in two days.

At the end of reading this book I felt a twitch of being alive again. I have felt helpless a lot at times, but never hopeless. My hope moved me into believing there is help on the way.

So here comes the pitch: Read this for pleasure and for the hope of being understood as a Christian amongst an uncertain world that doesn’t seem to get us too much and for the hope that we might begin to understand each other as well.

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