NT Wright on The Colbert Report

You might find it hard to follow, but I think NT did a great job with Colbert being well….Colbert.

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4 Responses to NT Wright on The Colbert Report

  1. M.Oates says:

    The books, seems like it would be really interesting? Have you read it Kyle? Man I think he did real well staying on track with Colbert jumping around here there and everywhere. Almost impossible to have a conversation with. I wonder if he is like that in real life.

  2. lacey says:

    i watched this video the other day, too! so glad i could catch it on-line since i don’t have cable. you totally can’t go onto colbert’s show expecting to get any point across but i think wright did a good job interacting with him and had a good sense of humor about it. did i tell you i saw nt wright when he spoke in nashville in april? i had him sign The Last Word. I am a dork, I know. :)

  3. kyle says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for posting. no i haven’t read the book yet, but am planning on picking it up soon. great stuff.

    Lacey, you knew I went swimming with sharks with NT Wright in the bahamas right?…check this out:


    that guys is awesome.

  4. Randy Hein says:

    I think you’ve got to come on the Colbert Report with the right expectations. I guess Tom didn’t get the memo and missed the point by actually trying to make one. Nonetheless, it was great to see one of the top minds in orthodoxy getting some good press.

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